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Our journal is one of the most reputable and popular scientific and practical periodicals in Russia dedicated to the problems service and tourism.
Our journal publishes the most relevant and popular for reader materials in the tourism and service in Russia and the world. Topical issues and discussion questions are raised and discussed on its pages. The principle of journal issues is thematic.
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The convenience and completeness of information to the user, modern design (cross-browser HTML5-marking site using technologies CSS3, custom fonts, and others), the corporative mail and absence of obtrusive advertising are the features of the journal’s new site.
An important feature of the journal is its focus not only on scholars, but on practical workers in service and tourism. We value the relationship with our authors, readers and partners, so is always ready to cooperate.
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Our journal has been published since 2007 and are some of our results:
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Aphorisms about travel and tourism
  • A man is made happy by three things: love, interesting work and the opportunity to travel.
    - Ivan Bunin -
  • Traveling teaches people far more than anything else. Sometimes one day spent in other places, gives more than ten years of life at home.
    - Anatole France -
  • Man, a lot of traveling, like a stone, streaked with water many hundreds of miles: its roughness is smoothed, and all it takes soft, rounded shape.
    - Jacques Elisee Reclus -
  • Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.
    - Andrew Scott Zimmern -
  • The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
    - St. Augustine -
Here are available latest, most current news from the life of our journal. News Archive - below
Journal in List of Leading Periodicals of the Supreme Certification Commission under the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF
Dear colleagues!
We get many questions about the inclusion the journal “Service and Tourism: Current Challenges” in the list of SCC. So we are explaining that all publications in journals included earlier in the list of scientific reviewed journals are considered as publications in journals included in the list of HAC, until a new order HAC with a list of journals, which will be published after November 30, 2015. Detailed...
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Current! Vol.12 Iss.4 2018
Dear friends, colleagues, readers!
The forth issue of our journal in 2018, devoted to the Place branding in tourism. This issue is very interesting and pithy, colorful and informative. To familiarize with issue you can here.
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Journal is freely available on "CyberLeninka" now
Journal articles are now available in the open scientific electronic library "CyberLeninka", built on the paradigm of open science (Open Science). The library supports the dissemination of knowledge on the model of Open Access, providing free online access to scientific publications in electronic form, which are arranged under the license Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY). Detailed...
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Journal is indexed in international databases now
July 17, 2015 the Journal "Service and Tourism: Current Challenges" has been included in the authoritative European scientometric base ERIH PLUS. Also, our journal is indexed in more than 25 different international repositories and scientometric databases. We plan to continue to expand this indicator. Detailed...
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