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UDC 338.48
DOI: 10.12737/7920

Valentin Vasilenko 1 ,  Aleksandr Vasilenko 2
Tavria Academy of Crimean Federal University named after V.I. Vernadsky (Simferopol, Russia);
1  PhD (Dr.Sc.) in Economics, Professor; e-mail: valentin-vasilenko@yandex.ru;
2  PhD student at the Department of State and Regional management; e-mail: avvas@i.ua


In the article the authors give a brief characteristic analysis of the recreational and other resources, the potential of the recreational appeal of the Peninsula in general, which under the conditions of Crimea staying in Ukraine was left not realized. The structural reorganization of Ukraine, begun more than twenty years ago, led to the collapse of the sanatorium and health resort complex of Crimea, which in recent past used to be a powerful health resort base, named the All-Union Health Center.
The revival of the health resort and recreation sphere of Crimea under new conditions is the most important social task and essential segment of the economy development, which urgently needs the provision of the competitive advantages for the national subjects of the economic activity at the domestic and international market. There is a substantiated possibility and necessity of using the potential in practice under new, Russian conditions of the economic management by means of creating new organizational form of functioning sanatorium and health resort enterprises (SHREs). The authors prove that the perspective of such form of organizing production of enterprises is the integration of cluster associations on the basis of cooperation both among the SHREs themselves, and other related enterprises, establishments, organizations, which take part in producing sanatorium and health resort products. Cluster associations, unlike the enterprises working alone, SHREs, are more efficient, and they are able not only to survive together, but also to remit a part of funds for restoring natural and anthropogenic recreational resources and by this to preserve the unique appeal of the destinations.
A logical model of the formation of health resort clusters of destinations is suggested, which is focused on the improvement of accessibility of the general public in accordance with the objectives of the state social tourism policy.

Keywords: clusters of health resort destinations, formation, model, development.

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