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UDC 911.3:316
DOI: 10.12737/7921

Anna Voronina
Tavria Academy of Crimean Federal University named after V.I. Vernadsky (Simferopol, Russia); PhD, Senior Lecturer; e-mail: svo.84@mail.ru


The structure of the organization of territorial recreational system of specially protected natural territories of the Crimea Republic is demonstrated. The features of the sectoral and territorial organization of the recreational system of specially protected natural areas in the region are described.
The reunification of the Crimea with Russia pulls broad prospects for the development of recreational activities within the protected areas. Of particular relevance is consideration of the particular sectoral and territorial organization in the transition period of Crimea recreation in the legislative field of the Russian Federation and the prospects for its further development.
Considering the features of the organization of recreational activities in the protected areas of the Crimea, noted a wide range of works on recreational geography of Crimea.
Territorial recreational system within protected areas can be represented as a historically established combination of interconnected components of diverse environmental and recreational sector, formed in the natural-ecological and socio-economic environment of the region to maintain the prevailing environmental functions of territories and comfortable environment in which the recreational functions within the protected areas can be performed.
Sectoral structure of Territorial recreational system has a rather complex structure and is largely dependent on the type of protected area and a set of constraints of environmental management and conservation within it. In the sectoral structure distinguished are three possible units: tourism and recreation, the complex of public services’ sectors, the complex of related industries.
In terms of socio-geographical research the components of sectoral and territorial system T of Territorial recreational system must ensure the optimal geo-ecological and socio-economic mix of the functions of protected areas and to provide a contribution to sustainable development of the regions, providing the coadaptation of the natural and recreational systems, increasing the level of environmental and recreational development of the territory.

Keywords: recreation system, branch structure, territorial structure, specially protected natural area, the Republic of Crimea.

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