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UDC 338(484.6):615.83
DOI: 10.12737/7922

Albina Ganieva
Tavria Academy of Crimean Federal University named after V.I. Vernadsky (Simferopol, Russia); PhD in Economics, Associate Professor; e-mail: ag77@bk.ru


In this article the authors present concept of shared children’s tourism and children’s social tourism, considered systemic problems in the functioning of children’s sanatorium and health institutions of the Crimea. First, the authors provided a retrospective analysis of the formation and the scope of children’s social tourism in Crimea how the economic transformation is conducted in provision of social support for children’s health in a command and market economic systems. Substantiated are the factors affecting the crisis state of institutions of child health improvement: the processes of privatization of property of children’s health institutions, lack of budget financing of government programs to improve the health of children from socially disadvantaged groups, the decline in the quality of children’s health.
The article highlights directions of the long-term prospects for the development of children’s health resorts of Crimea related to the development of children’s tourism in the tourism industry in Russia. As in the federal programme of support for rehabilitation of children argued, there should be the establishment of the state order for recreation system and financial support for children’s health institutions.
The authors note trends in the development of children’s health centers of Crimea in the following directions: wider specialization, existing health centers, taking into account changes in the structure of child populations, comprehensive treatment.
To create control systems of functioning and development for the recreational and tourist complex, which are formed within the administrative-territorial formations, there should be introduced the following elements: resource components of recreational potential (natural, human, financial, material, technological, informational), organizational and legal support of the form of ownership in the recreation and tourism complex, including the relationship arising in the course of ownership, management, exchange of different categories of resources, state regulation of processes in the system of children’s health institutions.

Keywords: social tourism, children’s rest, health spa, health improvement, the state program.

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