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UDC 379.8
DOI: 10.12737/7923

Natalya Logunova
Kerch State Maritime Technological University (Kerch, Russia); PhD in Economics, Associate Professor; e-mail: natalya_logunova@mail.ru


The article presents a method of group expertise with which are defined the conditions and factors that contribute to the effective development of cruise tourism, and assessed the level of provision by the Crimean seaports of necessary conditions for the organization of the cruise business. In order to ensure a balance between relevance for cruise operators separate factor conditions and costs of their creation, using the ABC method identified are the main, auxiliary and irrelevant factors affecting the performance of cruise tourism and the choice of a cruise center for tourists, accounting to which ensured is the reduction of costs in the production of cruise tourism products while improving (maintaining) its quality. It is established that the effective development of the Crimean cruise centers depends on taking certain organizational and economic measures aimed at increasing business activities in cruise businesses, as well as the development of an appropriate mechanism for the state to encourage and support the development of the industry. One of them is the formation of a coherent and consistent policy for all ministries and agencies involved in the regulation of cruise tourism and associated with its economic activities. The proposed project is a single government program, customized for main priority areas in accordance with the vector of national and sectoral strategic development, including a number of routines of personnel, scientific, methodological, legal and information support of cruise tourism, the implementation of which would: boost the volume of tourism services and tax revenues to the budgets of all levels; increase the number of jobs; improve the living standards of the local population and the status of the area, region and country in the world cruise market.

Keywords: cruise tourism, cruise centers, efficient development, the government program.

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