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UDC 911.3(470.75)
DOI: 10.12737/7925

Aleksandra Trotcenko
Oles Honchar Dniepropetrovsk National University (Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine); PhD in Geography, Associate Professor; e-mail: slimm_82@mail.ru


Tourist legends are an important tourist and recreational resource. In Crimea, they have been used for a long time in tourist practice, and that allows to consider the peninsula as a model for other regions where tourism legends involved in the recreational sector. In this perspective, there is an need for researching tourist mythological space Crimea, to identify possible problems and obstacles of its positive impact on the recreational sector of the peninsula. The article provides the content-analysis of sources of information about the Crimean legends and the results. Content analysis carried out in this article is based on printed (collections of legends, tourist guides and booklets) and Internet resources on tourist destinations. Based on the analysis of publications, requests to search systems and analysis of thematic groups in social networks were found 138 legend objects thematically distributed by groups “Objects of nature” (70), “Anthropogenic objects” (31), “Other” (15) and “Legends not associated with a specific tourist object” — 29. Most of the legends are associated with geological and geomorphologic objects — a total of 40 objects. According to the results of the content analysis made up the top 10 most mentioned (popular) legends. Revealed that they all are connected to the most important and popular tourist destinations in the Crimea.
However, in the whole Crimean tourism industry the tourist mythological space formed spontaneously, causing a number of problems — the limitations of the themes and types of legends, folklore disorder, lack of selection and adjustment of tourist legends, geographical belonging to the most popular and soughtafter tourist areas, especially to the South Coast of Crimea.

Keywords: tourist legend, tourist mythological space, tourist industry, folklore, content analysis.

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