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UDC 379.8
DOI: 10.12737/7926

Svetlana Sherbakova 1 ,  Konstantin Kupchenko 2
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Smolensk branch (Smolensk, Russia);
1  PhD in Geography, Associate Professor; e-mail: sollos@mail.ru;
2  PhD in History; e-mail: konstan1977@yandex.ru


The history and prospects of development of the Crimea as the region of Russia has recently aroused great interest. In the contemporary period of the development of the Crimea for different sectors of economics of the region new opportunities are opened. A transition period has come for the tourist industry of the Crimea. Having varied and unique natural and historical and cultural potential for the development of tourism, the Crimea destination is ready for the new way of the development of tourism, that is why at the contemporary stage quite timely would there begin the development of new unique touristic products to strengthen the incoming touristic flow to the region.
In accordance with it the article presents the retrospective survey of touristic arrivals to the Crimea, moreover, there is an analysis of the current state of tourism of the Crimea peninsula and prospects of its development in the tourism sphere. More than that, the article reviews the main aspects of the Program of development of tourism in the Crimea and reveals the promising kinds of tourism in the Crimea destination. Special attention is paid to the scientific and educational reasoning of the uniquely designed tourist-excursion route "Natives of Smolensk in the history of the Crimea", which reflects the life and activities of natives of Smolensk region in the history of the Crimea.
There are presented brief biographical background notes about the activities of the natives of Smolensk in the Crimea, such as: Grigory Potemkin, Pavel Nakhimov, Yakov Esipovich, Mikhail Efimov. The article points the objects of demonstration of the unique authorial route connected with the activities of the famous natives of Smolensk in the Crimea: commemorative tablets, monuments, busts, commemorative coins and even the minor planet №2754. The route "Natives of Smolensk in the history of the Crimea" is aimed at the development of incoming and domestic tourism, as well as at the upbringing of the sense of public spirit. In the historical retrospective the route reveals interesting facts about well-known historical figures.
The article also reveals the possible prospects of promotion of the new suggested touristic product at the modern stage of development of tourism in the Crimea.

Keywords: tourism in the Crimea, tourist-excursion route, Smolensk governorate.

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