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UDC 338.48:316.334.56
DOI: 10.12737/11390

Anna Aleksandrova
Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia); PhD (Dr.Sc.) in Geography, Professor; e-mail: analexan@mail.ru


The article focuses on global cities as the essential framework of the world tourism system. Long-term trends in tourism development (tourist flows, transport services, accommodation, types of tourism) in global cities are revealed. The growth of tourist flows and their concentration in global cities with stably high proportion of international tourist arrivals and expanding geography of tourist flows in urban agglomerations is confirmed. The increasing availability of urban agglomerations as a precondition for tourist flows growth, the greening of inner-city transport and expanding global cities tourism product range by using new means of transport can be observed in the field of transportation. As for accommodation, the ability to change and fit to new and dynamic global hotel industry development under the influence of internal and external environment as well as structural changes in global cities’ hotel capacity are aimed at increasing their comfort level; saturation of hotel services supply in central parts of global cities and city suburbs’ revival are discussed. A trend towards tourism diversification as a requirement for global cities’ travel market sustainability is demonstrated. Changes in hosting tourists in urban agglomerations are also discussed. Tourism development in world global cities is traced throughout 30–50 years. The article is prepared on the basis of extensive statistical data from official sources, such as tourism administrations, convention bureaus and urban statistical organizations. Tourism experience of the global cities in America (New York), Europe (Paris, London, Barcelona et al.) and Asia-Pacific region (Singapore, Hong Kong and others) is summed up. It is concluded that in general tourism in modern Moscow has the same basic long-term trends as in other world global cities.

Keywords: global city, tourism, long-term trends, tourist flows, transport, hotel industry, types of tourism.

| Tags: hotel industry, Transport, Tourism, global city, types of tourism, tourist flows, long-term trends
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