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UDC 338.48(470.311)
DOI: 10.12737/11393

Oleg Afanasiev
Russian State University of Tourism and Service (Moscow, Russia); PhD (Dr.Sc.) in Geography, Professor; e-mail: olafn_dp@mail.ru


The article provides an overview of the resource component of the tourist complex of municipal districts of the Northern Moscow region. The statistical data on the proportion of the cultural heritage on the territory of all municipalities of the Northern Moscow region. It was found that the most prosperous cultural heritage are Sergievo-Posadskiy, Dmitrovskiy, Klinskiy and Solnechnogorskiy districts. The region has a large number of places of folk arts and crafts.
For the development of mass tourism in a particular region (tourist center) requires a certain concentration of the elements of culture. This condition is executed on the space of the Northern Moscow region, defined as a priority area of tourism development. The quantitative measurement of tourism and recreation base in the region is quite comparable with individual countries. Therefore, the region has a special importance and position among the tourist centers of Moscow region, a priority in its positioning on domestic and international tourism markets. But while the «shadow» of Moscow-city, rich tourist and recreation base near Moscow is not enough demand in the domestic market of tourist services. This is the problem of the need to find ways and means of attracting new tourists to the region, to ensure a stable dynamics of quantitative growth.
Depending on the distribution of tourists and the development potential we have identified areas of specialization of the tourist complex of each municipal area, all of which allows you to determine the range of tourist services, which can be their specialty.
The review of attractions and tourist complex resource component Klinskiy, Dmitrovskiy, Taldomskiy, Solnechnogorskiy districts. The conclusion about the importance of and the need for close cooperation between the municipal administrations and representatives of the scientific and practical sphere. It is of great importance in the development of software and integrated strategies for the development of regional tourist complex in order to integrate them into a single regional tourism cluster.

Keywords: Northern Moscow region, tourist complex, tourist resources of the Northern Moscow region, the region of the priority tourism development, destination, attractions.

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