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UDC 749.1:069.02(470.311)
DOI: 10.12737/11402

Oksana Goncharova
State Tyutchev Memorial estate «Mouranovo» (Moscow region, Russia); Senior Researcher at the Department of arts and crafts; e-mail: okgoncharova@mail.ru


The article is dedicated a history of the unique furniture collection of the State Tyutchev Memorial estate «Mouranovo». The author put under consideration and systematizes the main house interiors of the Memorial estate according to the furniture styles in 18th and 19th cent. The owners and creators of the interior and exterior design made all the best for comfort and attractiveness in each room of the «nest of the gentry». Furniture made by European masters was added to some items made by local joiners and wood carvers; Empire style and Biedermeyer complimented one anther, some objects in Jacob style made more prominent some goods created in historical method. The author writes about special things and details in interiors of the main house in the time of the Engelgardts, E. Boratynsky, the Putyatas, the Tyutchevs from early 19th cent. till early 20th cent. Special emphasis is made on the importance to preserve some objects which became historical things of the house. The eclecticism in interiors of the Mouranovo memorial estate develops a taste of its visitors till nowdays, harmony of its furniture sets and separate pieces unites not only different styles but different generations, in the same way keeping the base of the nobility family life.

Keywords: Mouranovo, a country memorial estate, the Engelgardts, E. Boratynsky, the Putyatas, the Tyutchevs, furniture of the 18th – 19th cent., the Empire style, the Jacob style, the Biedermeyer, furniture sets.

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