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UDC 069:728.83(470.311)
DOI: 10.12737/11403

Ekaterina Potapova
State Tyutchev Memorial estate «Mouranovo» (Pushkinskiy district, Moscow region, Russia); Head of History and Literature Sector; e-mail: muranovo@mail.ru


The article covers the history of a unique «nest of the gentry» of the 19th century, located in Moscow region. This country estate is connected to the two outstanding Russian classical poets – E. Boratynsky and F. Tyutchev. For over a hundred years Mouranovo belonged to members of four famous families, who contributed greatly to the treasury of Russian culture and particularly to Russian literature. The author dwells on the life of the Engelgardts, the Boratynskys, the Putyatas and the Tyutchevs in Mouranovo from 1816 till 1920. Special emphasis is made on the everlasting significance of keeping family and cultural traditions from generation to generation, so typical of the mode of life in patrimonies. The contents of the article offers to the reader another opportunity to appreciate the cultural stratum lost forever together with the phenomenon of the noble estates. The author also gives credit to Tyutchev’s grandson and great grandson for the restoration of the original image of the estate house in Mouranovo and quotes some comments of distinguished contemporaries on the museum founded by these two persons.

Keywords: Mouranovo, a country memorial estate, the Engelgardts, E. Boratynsky, the Putyatas, the Tyutchevs.

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