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UDC 069:728.83(470.311)
DOI: 10.12737/11404

Alexander Sakhno
State Tyutchev Memorial estate «Mouranovo» (Moscow region, Russia); PhD in History, Senior Researcher; e-mail: Alexander-kult-2@bk.ru


The State Tyutchev Memorial estate «Mouranovo» keeps unique paintings, drawings and prints collections as well as photographs and daguerreotypes depot, furniture, porcelain, old-fashioned clocks and lamps. There are lots of rare books and massive memorial archives in the museum. The larget part of the museum pieces is made by Russian and European masters in the 18th – early 20th century. The article is dedicated to the great collections at the museum storage and exposition, it explores their provenance and forming according to the museum departments and chronology.
The collection of the museum is unique not only with the pieces but with the donators who have been supplementing the collection till nowadays. The basement of the collection is the Tyutchevs heritage, personal collection of the last successor of the heritage and at the same time the fist director of the museum – Nicolay Tyutchev, and donations of the Tyutchev and the Boratynsky heirs. Supplements in 1960-s and 1980-s are marked by the names of the famous literary critics and collectors of the Soviet time. There were lots of museum friends who tried to keep the special atmosphere of a unique «nest of the gentry» of the 19th century and literary place in Mouranovo. Having priceless archives from the Tyutchevs the Museum became a research institution, which keeps and studies manuscripts of Feodor Tyutchev, Eugeny Boratynsky and members of their families. The article is dedicated to the main structure of the Memorial Archive – one of the most valuable part of the Mouranovo collection and some unique pieces from other five departments of the museum. The main part of the text is an the overview of the collections made in different times by members of museum scientific staff, who have worked or are working at the moment in «Mouranovo»: Inna Korolyova, Svetlana Dolgopolova, Tatiana Goncharova, Natalia Belevtseva, Vera Malutina, Oksana Goncharova.

Keywords: Mouranovo, museum collections, the Tyutchevs, the Boratynkies.

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