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UDC 069:347.786(470)
DOI: 10.12737/11407

Nicolay Smirnov
State Memorial Museum Reserve of D.I. Mendeleev and A.A. Blok (Solnechnogorsk, Russia);
Senior Researcher; e-mail: al.blok2010@yandex.ru, smirnov-mendeleev2012@yandex.ru, boblovo.muzei@yandex.ru


The present paper is the result of years of hard work of the author on the study traditions of family life of the great Russian scientist D.I. Mendeleev, his close and distant relatives. It is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the purchase by D.I. Mendeleev in June 1865 of Boblovo, which is a resurgent Northern Moscow Region estate.
In the circle of the descendants of the great scientist often talk about the «Clan of D.I. Mendeleev». It included members of the first and second families of D. Mendeleev: Theosebia Nikitichna first wife, his second wife, Anna Ivanovna, and their children, six in two marriages of Mendeleev. Readers iare offered to learn about Mendeleev who led a unique family, which included brothers and sisters, nephews, great-nephews of the scientist, his friends.
One of the traditions of Mendeleev›s clan was known as barn-theater productions with active participation of the poet Alexander Blok. Of course, the poet can be safely attributed to the «Clan of Mendeleev». This rather large community of citizens of modern Russia includes the author of the article, who belongs to the generation of great-great nephews of D.I. Mendeleev.
Author’s research methodology is original, it is dominated by information received from the mouth of the descendants of the great scientist. The article mentions a totally unique document that sheds light on the many pages of the history of Boblovo. This document adds new content road tour «Bol’shoe Shakhmatovo» linking Shakhmatovo (A.A. Blok estate) with the estate of D.I. Mendeleev and villages Pokrovskoe, Rogachevo, Ivanovo, St. Nicholas-Peshnoshsky monastery, estate «Tarakanovo».

Keywords: D.I. Mendeleev, A.A. Blok, home theater, relatives and descendants of Mendeleev, Bolshoe Shakhmatovo.

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