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UDC 338.482.22
DOI: 10.12737/12876

Vladimir Andrianov
Expert Council on legislation in the sphere of tourism of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, innovation and Entrepreneurship Development, member of the National Academy of Tourism (Belgorod, Russia); e-mail: avi1919@mail.ru


The article analyzes the place and role domestic and inbound tourism in the current development of Russia. According to the World Tourism Organization, domestic tourism has two forms – internal national and international inbound tourism. But the world theoretical concepts have shifted ahead much from such a simplified understanding of the functional structure of domestic tourism. The current trend is the transition to a well-planned and organized model of domestic tourism development from the simple promotion of inbound tourism to focused strategy of its planning at the national policy level. In Korea, such direction has been named «Intrabound tourism». In Russia, however, the importance and necessity of development of inbound and domestic tourism, attracting foreign tourists are still being discussed at all levels, but any significant measures and effective programs was not implemented, and those that accepted, for the most part ineffective. Ignoring the problems of inbound and domestic tourism consist in primarily orientation of the current normative and law framework «on outbound operator». And even in a new project of Amendments into the Law «About bases of tourist activity» can’t to completely move away from this vector.
The survey of experts working directly in the tourism industry of the Central Federal District allows to identify the nine problems of development domestic and inbound tourism, common to each region. They are described in detail in the article. Also substantial list of major events, a comprehensive approach to the implementation of which will in the foreseeable future significantly improve sphere of domestic tourism in the Central Russia is offered. The need to develop a system of state regulation and support of tourist activity should be noted as the most important recommendations for the development of tourism in the Central Federal District.

Keywords: internal tourism, inbound tourism, problems of tourism development, recommendations for the development of tourism.

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