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UDC 914/919+379.84
DOI: 10.12737/12877

Iuriy Golubchikov
Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia); PhD in Geography; e-mail: golubchikov@list.ru


Contrary to popular ideas about the destruction of environment of Russia, almost half of its spaces are not burdened by anthropogenic or technogenic impact. Russia owns 15% of almost untouched by human activity Earth’s land. Geographically the country is close to all the most powerful and the most populous states in Western Europe, Asia and America. And demand for travel and vacation in underpopulated and clean environment there constantly growing, landscape tourism, nature and holistic therapy are getting the larger popularity. The global role of Russia lies in the fact that it can be positioned and percepted as a kind of biosphere-therapeutic reserve. The geopolitical, ideological, economic, image significance of rural and farmstead tourism are justified in the article.
The construction of a positive image of the territory should be from correction of curriculums geographical, humanitarian and tourist specialties in higher educational establishments. None significant foreign university can be represented without human-geographical understanding of resources of its country. We have nothing like this, and if it planned, so only in the historical and archival manner. Meanwhile, the revival of studies of Russia allows not only expanding the philosophical and substantive field of recreational geography, but also improving the overall competitiveness of the country in the fields of tourism services.

Keywords: rural tourism, studies of Russia, image promotion, geography, ideology.

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