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UDC 339.138
DOI: 10.12737/12879

Mariyam Arpentieva
K. Tsiolkovsky Kaluga State University (Kaluga, Russia); PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor; e-mail: mariam_rav@mail.ru


The article is devoted to theoretical issues of branding and re-branding of territories as a component of the development of the tourism industry. The origin and development of studies of the branding and destination marketing at tourism as a holistic system of Sciences about tourism and tourist activities are examined. The concepts of definitions «place branding» and «marketing of territories» and the relationship between them are analyzed. The author notes that the re-branding of territories and foresight designing of tourism are important components of modern tourism. Geobranding as an activity involves several components: the development and implementation of program changes and property promotion, investment attraction, tourists, the restructuring of relations between the population and institutions of the territory, the organization and transformation of the communications site and its representatives with representatives of other regions. Branding is considered as a procedure to establish lasting and profound positive relations of the region with other regions on the base of exclusivity and productivity. To achieve these goals, branding involves analyze of the characteristics of the region in diachronic and synchronic perspectives, in the past, future and present, in the lives of different layers and strata of the region, the various sectors and clusters. It is proposed to distinguish the archetypal (the conceptualization and development of the basic archetypes of the territory) and narrative (understanding and develop stories) branding. Special attention is given to event branding, its role in the actualization of the other components of branding, as well as the ratio of the purposes of branding and identity of the territories and population. The stages, dimensions, features, problems and prospects of rebranding and branding within the scientific tourism and tourism practices are examined.

Keywords: tourism, geobranding, geomarketing, rebranding, event branding, narrative branding, archetypal branding.

| Tags: archetypal branding, event branding, Tourism, geomarketing, geobranding, narrative branding, rebranding
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