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UDC 338.48
DOI: 10.12737/12883

Matvey Oborin
Perm institute (branch) of G. Plekhanov REU (Perm, Russia); PhD in Geography, Associate Professor; e-mail: recreachin@rambler.ru


Central Federal District is the leader in number of the coming tourists and day trippers among other regions of Russia. The most perspective directions of tourist and recreational activity here are cultural and informative and health and fitness tourism. Sanatorium and resort services mostly form a basis of health and fitness tourism that is connected with its high role for social and economic development of the region. The central Russia has high natural and medical potential for the organization and further development of sanatorium and resort activity. The medical base is presented by hydromineral resources (mineral waters of external and drinking application), climatic and landscape conditions of territory. Special factors of development of health and fitness tourism are social and economic features of the region – low birth rate, negative natural increase, the increase in the proportion of morbidity, income growth, and others. All this forms a necessary domestic demand for the organization sanatorium and resort activities in the Central Federal District. It is characterized by a large number of contradictory trends which weaken its general development. In Central Federal District the increase in quantity of collective means of placement due to opening of hotels, hostels, locations of tourists is observed. Their general dynamics grew more than twice that is connected with increase in a tourist flow of recreants. At the same time there are such negative tendencies of development of recreational sphere of the region as reduction of the children’s wellness organizations and tourist flow of children, reduction the number of sanatorium organizations. Accordingly, it is accompanied by a reduction numbers of beds and the flow placed persons.
The observed trends are due to the increased of cost of sanatorium and resort vouchers, low level of infrastructure development, low quality of services, lack of competitiveness of the modern sanatorium and resort complex.

Keywords: resort and recreational potential, sanatorium and resort services, health and fitness tourism, resort, regional economy.

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