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UDC 379.854
DOI: 10.12737/12884

Alexander Ermakov 1,   Moorman Kokhreidze 2,  Daniel Cherepanov 3
1 Russian State University of Tourism and Service (Moscow, Russia); Ph.D. in Technology, Associate Professor; e-mail: tkei2011@yandex.ru;
2 Moscow State Forest University (Moscow, Russia); Ph.D. in Technology, Associate Professor; e-mail: kohreidze-murman@mail.ru;
3 Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (Moscow, Russia); Engineer; e-mail: supfear@yandex.ru


The main problems of implementation of event tourism in the Central Federal District (CFD), which primarily include short-term scale, the placing on the natural areas, the lack of in sufficient degree of accommodation and tourist services and style of carrying out of actions etc., are considered. The improvement of the quality of the event tourism are proposed to accomplish through the overall coordination in activities, use of the tourist information centers, establishment of a common organization of the enterprise for the hospitality industry event tourism CFD, equipping its engineering resources in the form of mobile homes of various technological purpose creating a culture and a new style of event tourism, taking into account the basic principles of sustainable tourism development, the formation of its legal and technical support and so on. Mobile homes, awareness of tourists and organization of activities allows to reduce the human impacts on the local natural landscapes of natural areas at the venue of event tourism. A new culture, style, organization and conditions of the event tourism activities will make it more appealing to a wider audience of tourists, not only in our country, but also for tourists from abroad.

Keywords: event tourism, camping, mobile home, event calendar.

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