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UDC 353
DOI: 10.12737/12885

Denis Dokuchaev
Museum Tourism of the Burilin Ivanovo State Museum (Ivanovo, Russia); PhD in Philosophy, Doctoral Candidate; e-mail: den-dokuchaev@mail.ru


The article is devoted to identifying the specifics of the regional community on the example of the Ivanovo region in the study of the political and symbolic practices of the population related to the construction of a positive image of the territory. Separately, the author examines aspects of increasing tourist appeal in the context of the formation of a positive image of the region. Chronological scope of the study is 2005–2015 years. Since 2006, the Ivanovo region begins to position itself as an area for investment. Cultural background is being gradually created. So, in the region appeared event activity in the form of the International Film Festival named after Andrei Tarkovsky’s «Mirror», the Russian Fashion Festival «Ples on the Volga. Flax Palette» and others. Points of growth of the tourist attraction gradually emerged. Such centers became the city of Palekh and Ples. However, all policy carried out by the authorities for creating a positive image of the region was doomed to failure because it does not take into account the peculiarities of the regional identity of the inhabitants of the Ivanovo region. Attempts to create event-activity, designing new meanings of the area led in the region, on the one hand, to short marketing effect and on the other hand, the rejection of these ideas by the community. Search of indigenous meanings of regional identity, their analysis, as well as building a competent policy of creation of positive image of the territory – that is the task that must be a priority in the activities of local authorities. However, for various reasons this system work in the Ivanovo region has not been accomplished and is not carried out. The author concludes that effective and sustainable can be only one image of the territory, which was constructed on the basis of the analysis of the power of the «internal» forces of regional identity, and wasn’t imposed by political expediency.

Keywords: regional identity, image of the territory, tourist attraction in the region, meanings of area, Ivanovo region.

| Tags: Ivanovo region, tourist attraction in the region, regional identity, meanings of area, image of the territory
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