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UDC 379.85
DOI: 10.12737/12886

Nataliya Yakovenko
Shuysky branch of the Ivanovo State University (Shuya, Ivanovo region, Russia); PhD (Dr.Sc.) in Geography, Associate Professor; e-mail: n.v.yakovenko71@gmail.com


The prospect of tourism development in rural areas is connected with use of various approaches and models of the organization of agrotourism taking into account an environment and cultural and historical heritage of each region at steady observance of requirements of environmental protection, the quality standards and safety of tourists on vacation. Problems and perspectives of agrotourism development are caused by tendencies and changes in agriculture, problems of social and economic development of rural territories as in general in Russia, and in the Ivanovo region, directly. In this regard the Ivanovo region is the most interesting object for studying in Central Federal District because by the level of social and economic development it is the most crisis, depressive territory and takes the last place in relation to all regions of the district. In the territory of the district is represented a very wide range of attractive tourist recreational facilities and complexes which are popular both among Russian and foreign tourists.
Experience of many European countries proves that in many Russian regions including the Ivanovo region possessing considerable ecological, recreational, social and cultural potential, development of agrotourism in rural areas can be the most effective instrument of their social and economic development. In recent years the Ivanovo region shows dynamic development of tourism, and offers unique tourist products. The biggest part of tourist resources of the region is located in rural areas. In article the characteristic of conditions for development of agrotourism in the region is given. Prospects of development of this type of tourism on the example of guesthouses are shown.

Keywords: rural guesthouse, agrotourism, Ivanovo region.

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