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UDC 338.487:332.1
DOI: 10.12737/12887

Vera Zholudeva 1,   Nadezhda Melnichenko 2
Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI), Yaroslavl Branch (Yaroslavl, Russia);
1 PhD in Geography, Associate Professor; e-mail: vzholudeva@mesi-yar.ru;
2 PhD in Economics, Associate Professor; e-mail: nadiv@rambler.ru


On the basis of statistical information analysis of the main market trends in the tourism industry of the Yaroslavl region in the context of municipalities is carried out, the dynamics of tourist flows is estimated. Positive dynamics for each of the quantitative indicators characterizing the market of tourist services is noted, which indicates an overall improvement in the tourism sector of the Yaroslavl region.
Last years the growth of the municipalities’ contribution in the total tourist flow in the Yaroslavl Region is noted. This also applies to other indicators of development of the tourism industry.
At the same time, the qualitative characteristics of the tourist infrastructure, represented by means of accommodation, transport, including roads, places of interest and sightseeing services, indicate the need to modernize most objects and rendering of the state support of development of tourist infrastructure in the region. To determine the prospects of tourism development in the context of municipalities (urban districts and municipal areas) of Yaroslavl region on the basis of state statistical observation and statistics of the territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service in the Yaroslavl region has been accomplished forecasting basic indicators of activity of collective accommodation facilities and market the tourism industry.
In the Yaroslavl region there is great potential for further development of the tourism industry due to its integration with many of the industries. It will contribute to the development of the economy of the region, and will have an impact on adjacent industries, such as transport, food, communications, trade and others.

Keywords: tourism, tourism industry, tourist flow, collective accommodation facilities, Yaroslavl Region.

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