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10.01.2016, 01:22


UDC 338.483.12:728.83(470.312)
DOI: 10.12737/12903

Irina Ponomareva 1,   Tamara Tankieva 2
Tula State University (Tula, Russia);
1 PhD in Technical, Associate Professor; e-mail: iup05@yandex.ru;
2 PhD in Technical, Associate Professor; e-mail: t.axmet@gmail.com


An interest in noble culture grows in Russia nowadays. A lot of noble estates are restored and An interest in noble culture grows in Russia nowadays. A lot of noble estates are restored and become objects of farmstead tourism. About 300 ancient estates are located in Tula region, but only the few can be used as tourism objects now. In this work the most known estates of Tula region, which are widely used in tourist programs and included in pilot model of the project «Tourist cluster «Russian estates» were allocated. Also, the distribution of estates in districts of Tula region is shown. For the evaluation of attractiveness of noble estates of Tula region the model of the investment cadastre was used and 25 factors of their investment appeal are shown. Based on this model the analysis of potential use of architectural heritage of noble estates and possibilities of realization of their functions was carried out. Three most perspective estates from the point of view of further restoration and the condition of their functional use were allocated.
The cartographical data presentation about opportunities of preservation and further use of noble estates in tourist programs is given in the article. The special attention in work is paid to the estate of railway «kings» – barons fon Meck. Brief historical information about owners of the estate is given, the results of the analysis of safety of the building and the opportunities of its restoration and further use are shown. In this work it is shown that restoration of noble estates will promote considerable revitalization of regional tourism.

Keywords: noble estates, tourist attractiveness, farmstead tourism, architectural heritage, investment cadastre, regional tourism, tourist programs, Tula region.

| Tags: farmstead tourism, tourist attractiveness, regional tourism, tourist programs, architectural heritage, Tula region, noble estates, investment cadastre
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