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UDC 338.48–44(470.312)-047.44:338.486
DOI: 10.12737/12891

Aleksandr Korolyev 1,   Viktoriya Zharkova 2
Tula State University (Tula, Russia);
1 PhD in Technical, Associate Professor; e-mail: korolev_678@mail.ru;
2 PhD in Technical, Associate Professor; e-mail: sharkovatsu@mail.ru


The article is devoted to the evaluation of the touristic potential of the territory through experience of Venyovsky district of Tula region. Districts of Tula region, with their unique touristic resources, attractive atmosphere, favorable location and certain advantages over the other areas, where developing tourism, are able to attract not only the large tourist flow from other regions of Russia and foreign countries, but also investors, who are ready to invest in tourism industry. One of the most interesting areas of Tula region as an object of the tourism development is Venyovsky district.
Analyzing the component of territory that generates touristic flow, the methods of evaluation based on positional-digit ranking of tourism resources were used. It is shown that the number of tourism resources of the district can generate larger tourist flow in case of development of implementing and localizing area component. Also, the perspective objects, which are not currently used in tourism, were found. SWOT-analysis showed that the maximum realization of potential of Venyovsky district is possible in case of using strengths and partly disregarding threats. To integrate the results of the analysis of strategic factors a special form of EFAS «Summary of external strategic factors analysis» was used. Also, the analysis of the competitive environment of touristic objects of Venyovsky district was carried out and the preferences of tourists were studied in this work. The research showed that for the development of tourism in the district at the moment the most rational way is to pay attention to the «strategy of concentrated growth», thereby strengthening position of the Venyovsky district in the market.

Keywords: development of regional tourism, the methods of evaluation of touristic potential of territory, tourism activity, touristic potential, Venyovsky district, Tula region.

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