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UDC 338.484.2
DOI: 10.12737/12892

Sergey Golubchikov 1,   Valeriya Khetagurova 2,  Galina Bryukhanova 3
1National Research University «Higher School of Economics» (Moscow, Russia); PhD in Geography, Associate Professor, Chief Expert of the Institute for Regional Studies and Urban Planning; e-mail: s_golubchikov@mail.ru;
2 Russian State Social University, Branch in Dedovsk (Dedovsk, Russia); PhD in Geography, Associate Professor; e-mail: vhetag@yandex.ru;
3 Russian State Social University, Branch in Dedovsk (Dedovsk, Russia); Senior Lecturer; e-mail: gal7717@yandex.ru


The unique geographical location, climate and abundance of cultural and historical monuments in the Tver region is of interest for both domestic tourists and foreign. Recreation resources of the region are extremely rich and include dozens of tourist facilities. In the region there are opportunities for the formation of the diversified tourism products, based on a combination of different types of tourism. Tver region is a leader in this type of tourism as recreational, cultural, educational, sphere of water activities.
In recent years, the growth of quantitative indicators in the tourism industry in the region is observed, also occur qualitative changes. It is actively developing environmental, business, cultural, educational types of tourism, weekend breaks, extreme forms of water recreation, yachting. There are resources for development of river cruise tourism. But the high tourist and recreational potential of Tver and the Tver region is far from being fully used. So far, the industry has not qualified for the high level of the budget of the region, which is observed in developed countries.
The article discusses priorities directions in the development of domestic and incoming tourism in the Tver region up to 2020, activities required actions by the regional authorities recommended for the development of tourism in the region are listed. The most important of them are the need to optimize the process of staff training for the tourism industry, the improvement of marketing and branding policy, organization of tourist information centers, the development of events, including event-related, the development of cruise tourism on the river Volga, including retro cruise.

Keywords: Tver region, tourism product, Tver, recreational and tourist complex, tourist infrastructure, tourism activity.

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