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UDC 338.48
DOI: 10.12737/14535

Marina E. Komarova
Belgorod State National Research University (Belgorod, Russia) PhD in Geography, Associate Professor; e-mail: komarova@bsu.edu.ru


The article considers the richness of ethnic and cultural resources of Russia regions, the specificity of the ethnic culture and the possibility of its use in creation the tourist image of the area and the ethnographic tourism development. The increasing of the tourist flow in the central zone of the European part of Russia (Central Federal District) is the most important objective of the tourism sector. Central Federal District has the highest socio-economic indicators, the rich touristic and recreational potential and high level of tourism development. But, as author notes, tourism development in CFD requires the active promotion of ethnic and cultural diversity of the country. Author also highlights the main preconditions for the development of ethnographic tourism.
The definition of ethnographic tourism is specified, its characteristics, types and distinctive features are determined. The recommendations for the development of animation programs ethnographic tours are given. Author pays the attention on the demand for diversification of structure of animation programs ethnographic tourism; its composition have to include various components: folk festivals, history and architecture altogether with the traditions of folk architecture, literary heritage, agriculture, national cuisine, folklore, folk arts and crafts. The author summarized the experience of ethnographic and rural tourism in the Belgorod region and developed a number of conceptual activities to further positioning of ethno-cultural heritage and attract tourists to the region.

Keywords: ethnographic culture, ethnographic tourism, Belgorod region.

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