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UDC 72.03(470/1/2)
DOI: 10.12737/14539

Olga V. Zaharova
State unitary enterprise «Administrative Directorate for the management of the Sverdlovsk region» (Ekaterinburg, Russia); Deputy Director for commercial Affairs; e-mail: zaharova@rdmugiso.ru


The article describes the history of establishment and development of Sysert Porcelain Factory, which is a unique place of manufacture of highly artistic products. Article discovers the information about the artist inspirer of the plant – outstanding Ural writer Pavel Bazhov. The series of sculptures, «Mistress of Copper Mountain», «Danila-Master», «Golden Hair» and others have been issued on the basis of his tales.
Description of the manufacturing process of porcelain and works of leading artisans and artists helps to evaluate the exclusivity of products. The article reflects issues related to the preservation techniques of porcelain production, transfer the skills and abilities of hand painted art.
To this day Sysert Porcelain Factory supports the best traditions of the Ural national artistic trades. New raw materials allow improving the whiteness and translucency of porcelain to the level of the world standards, and the new generation of artists and technologists makes fresh direction in the development of traditional handicraft.
Products «Porcelain Sysert» gained popularity, both in Russia and abroad. Production of the plant loved by customers for its impeccable quality that is achievable only in the manual version, whiteness of porcelain, respect to the traditions and at the same time a sense of modernity.
It is important that Sysert Porcelain Factory preserves and develops the traditions of folk art of the Urals the XIX–XX centuries. Artists and craftsmen create artistic porcelain as a domestic destination – tea and coffee sets, dining sets and individual items and as small series and single items for decorative purposes – vases, boxes, gifts, intended to decorate various interiors.

Keywords: porcelain, Sysert, art painting, the tales of Bazhov, sculptural products, souvenirs.

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