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UDC 74.01/.09
DOI: 10.12737/14541

Nadezhda N. Menchikova
Kirov city branch of the Russia creative public organization «Union of Russian Artists» (Kirov, Russia); Chairman of the Board; e-mail: dymkatoycxp@mail.ru


The article is devoted to the well-known traditional craft of Vyatka – Dymkovo toys collected in the museum’s fine collection «Dymkovo Toys: Past and Present». The article discloses aspects of the origin, development and current state of the craft, describes the historical changes in technique of production the toys. The role in the development and preservation of individual craft of masters and devotees is characterized. The article is illustrated by vivid examples of craft products. The rare archival photographs are given in the work. The historical process of the appearance of the craft of production of Dymkovo toys is described. Special attention is paid to the history and characteristics of the museum’s collection, as well as forms of work with visitors – sightseers and tourists of all ages. Today the museum’s collection works not only for dwellers of Kirov, but also for the whole prestige of the Kirov region. It promotes the development of tourism, and forms the special tourist brand of the region – «The Land of Dymkovo toys».

Keywords: national artistic trade, Dymkovo toys, excursions, Kirov region, Vyatka Land.

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