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UDC 74.01/.09
DOI: 10.12737/14540

Anna V. Kuznetsova 1 ,  Olga L. Tetenkina 2
Vyatka State University (Kirov, Russia);
1  Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor; e-mail: av_kuznecova@vyatsu.ru;
2  Assistant; e-mail: tetenkina@vyatsu.ru


The article deals with the territorial branding and defining elements of urban identity, which enhances the touristical potential and the attractiveness of the territory. Identity is a tool of communication in the territorial marketing. The correct choice of the main element of identity plays a role in shaping the ideas of territory of residents and tourists. The authors propose to use the craft or crafts as a basic element of urban identity. National artistic trades, particularly Dymkovo toys as an element of identity of Kirov, are the subject of the study. The priority of the use crafts as an element of identity of the city or territory is justified. The article presents a synthesis of the experience of Kirov in the formation of its identity on the basis of national artistic trades. The authors describe the history of the emergence and development of the most famous folk art in the Kirov region – Dymkovo toys. Today Dymkovo toys is not only a craft, but also an element of the communication environment. It has been used in the project of the Government of the Kirov region «Buy the Vyatsky products!» as an element that helps customers in choosing the products of local manufacturers. The action «Paint the town in Dymka» became the most popular in the urban environment of Kirov. The townspeople accepted an emotional image of the Dymka as an element visualization hometown. This is confirmed by sociological surveys. The authors draw attention to the fact that Dymka can be used as a basic element in building and maintaining the identity of Kirov, creating a welcoming and joyful image of the territory.

Keywords: identity, territorial branding, national artistic trades, crafts, tourist attraction, urban identity, Kirov, Dymkovo toys, Dymka.

| Tags: crafts, national artistic trades, territorial branding, urban identity, Dymka, tourist attraction, Identity, Kirov, Dymkovo toys
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