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UDC​ 338.484.2​
DOI: 10.12737/17781

Valeriya Sh. Khetagurova 1 ,  Ruslan A. Umaraliev 2

1  Russian​ State​ Social​ University​ (Dedovsk, ​Russia);​ PhD​ in​ Geography, ​Associate​ Professor;​ e-mail:​ vhetag@yandex.ru;
2  Osh ​State ​University​ (Osh, ​Kyrgyz ​Republic);​ PhD (Doctor) ​in​ Environmental ​Sciences​ and​ Technology,​ Research​ adviser;​ e-mail:​ umaraliev.ruslan@gmail.com


Cluster model of tourism development became one of the main directions of the state policy to increase national and regional competitiveness in many countries in recent years. The Kyrgyz Republic has a number of advantages in the development of international tourism in comparison with other countries of the Central Asian region. The country possesses significant recreational potential, varied regionally; and tourism is considered as one of the promising directions of the economy. Kyrgyz Republic develops the infrastructure necessary for the development of the tourism sector. However, there are certain problems in the field of tourism. The cluster model could be a vital way of development of regional tourism. Clustered structures are more adequate to the new economic conditions; they contribute to the innovative development of the region. Currently, the project «Mountain Cluster» for the development of the infrastructure of adjacent territories is developed in Kyrgyz Republic. Resort and recreational tourism near Lake Issyk-Kul should be supplemented by other types of tourism, with the exception of Alpine skiing. The tourists from bordering countries will be the most numerous consumers of tourist services in Kyrgyz Republic. Given our regional and economic community, long-term relations to further develop appropriate and comprehensive inter-regional tourism strategy. This is ensured by the Development Strategy of cooperation of CIS countries in the field of tourism until 2020. The integration of tour ism space is the main direction of this strategy. From our point of view, exactly the cluster approach will allow to solve assigned tasks quickly and efficiently.

Keywords: Kyrgyz Republic, tourism cluster, recreation complex, mountain cluster.

Bibliographic description

Khetagurova, V. & Umaraliev, R. (2016). The Cluster Approach in Tourism Development Strategy on the Post-Soviet Space (Experience of the Kyrgyz Republic). Service and Tourism: Current Challenges [Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma], 10 (3), 27-36. doi: 10.12737/17781. (In Russ.).

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