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UDC​ 338.48:061.5(470.345)​​
DOI: 10.12737/17786

Marina A. Zhulina 1 ,   Vyacheslav M. Kitsis 2

N.P.​ Ogarev’s ​Mordovian ​State ​University ​(Saransk, ​Republic ​of ​Mordovia, ​Russia);​
1  PhD in​ Geography, ​Associate ​Professor, ​Deputy ​Minister ​of ​Culture​ and ​Tourism​ of ​the ​Republic of ​Mordovia;​ e-mail:​ mzhulina@mail.ru;
2  PhD ​in ​Geography, ​Associate ​Professor; ​e-mail: ​vkitsis@mail.ru


The article deals with the concept of «tourism cluster». The difference between tourism cluster and tourism-recreational special economic zone is shown. The interest in the study of local tourism clusters is substantiated. The article the primary focuses on the study of the local tourism clusters that are in process of forming or have been already established in the Republic of Mordovia, and on the definition of tourism specialization. Saransk-Ruzaevsky tourism cluster plays the leading role in the region. It is characterized by a comprehensive and diversified structure. The cluster specializes in the development of cultural, sports, religious, ethnographic and business tourism. Krasnoslobodski-Temnikov local cluster is one of the centers of ecological, cultural, historical and religious tourism in Mordovia. Kovylkino local tourism cluster has a sufficiently high tourist and recreational potential. Despite this fact, is cluster is characterized by virtually single-purposed tourist offers – rendering medical and health services. Business cards of Ichalkovsky local cluster are National Park «Smolny», where excursions on ecological trails are conducted, and one among the largest breeding stud farm in the Volga region. The cluster also provides services in the field of cultural and educational, medical and health and religious tourism. With Ardatovsky local tourism clusters linked the two world-famous brand – the name of the sculptor S. Erzya and craft of felt boots. Berezniki-Kochkurovsky local tourism cluster is characterized by low tourism and recreational potential and specializes in the development of health tourism.

Keywords: tourism, tourism cluster, tourist infrastructure, tourist suprastructure, tourism resources, tourism clusters in Republic of Mordovia.

Bibliographic description

Zhulina, M. & Kitsis, V. (2016). Local Tourism Clusters in the Republic of Mordovia: The Establishment and Functioning. Service and Tourism: Current Challenges [Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma], 10 (3), 75-82. doi: 10.12737/17786. (In Russ.).

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