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UDC​ ​334.72:338.465.4​
DOI: 10.12737/17787

Vladimir A. Podsolonko 1 ,   Elena A. Podsolonko 2

V.I. ​Vernadsky ​Crimean ​Federal University​ (Simferopol,​ Republic ​of ​Crimea, ​Russia);
1-2  PhD ​(Dr.Sc.)​ in​ Economics,​ Professor, e-mail: ​epodsolonko@gmail.com


The article discusses the conceptual foundations of cluster organization of the recreational potential of the Republic of Crimea as a tourism macro-region. Authors have identified the problem situation that lies in the backlog of gross domestic product at purchasing power parity per capita, the average monthly nominal accrued wages, and excess of the level of total unemployment in the Republic of Crimea in comparison with the average for the Russian Federation in 2013. The reasons of its occurrence are defined. The dependence of socio-economic development of the Crimean recreational macro-region on the degree of use of available economic resources is demonstrated. The effectiveness level of the socio-economic development of the Republic of Crimea by its administrative districts is defined.
The intensity distinctions of the use of human resources to create gross value added in the Crimean territorial units are revealed. They connected with the uneven distribution of well paid types of activity in the region. The reason of uneven contribution of administrative territories to GVA is determined. It is associated with the current dependence of the process of territorial development on the natural recreational potential. The predominant focus of fixed assets in urban areas, compared with districts, contributes to a higher level of their influence on the formation of GVA.
Authors proposes the improvement and further development of existing economic governance mechanisms of socio-economic development of the regions through the use of cluster and network organization of production to eliminate the uneven distribution of resources of the Republic of Crimea, and their impact. Creating recreational cluster in cities and districts on the basis of joint efforts of national and regional employment centers, associations of local governments, leading university is focused on increasing employment, quality of life and welfare of the Crimean recreational macro-region.

Keywords: cluster development organization, recreational potential of the Republic of Crimea, tourism macro-region, the degree of utilization of available economic resources, socio-economic development, welfare, employment, and quality of life.

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Podsolonko, V. & Podsolonko, E. (2016). Conceptual Bases of Cluster Organization of the Crimean Recreational Macroregion. Service and Tourism: Current Challenges [Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma], 10 (3), 83-94. doi: 10.12737/17787. (In Russ.).

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