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UDC​ 338.48–005.4(477.75)​
DOI: 10.12737/17789

Valentin A. Vasilenko 1 ,   Аleksandr V. Vasilenko 2

V.I. ​Vernadsky ​Crimean​ Federal ​University ​(Simferopol, ​Republic ​of ​Crimea, ​Russia);
1  PhD​ (Dr.Sc.) ​in​ Economics, ​Professor;​ e-mail:​ valentin-vasilenko@yandex.ru;
2  managing ​economist;​ e-mail:​ avvas@i.ua


In the article analyzes theoretical and practical aspects of establishment of destination health resort clusters (DHRC) and their peculiarities.
Reforming all the spheres of the activities in the Republic of Crimea (RC) creates new unique opportunities of the progressive and qualitative development of the production and economic as well as social relations in the sanatorium and health resort sphere (SHRS). Along with it restructuring the administrative, economic and social relations allows testing and implementing new forms of organizing production such as network models and clusters, typical for the developed countries. Using such models is particularly efficient in the tourism and its sectors on the basis of the health resort destinations historically formed in Crimea.
The complex character of the SHRS is explained by arrow of peculiarities: close connection of the social, medical as well as organization and economic functions each of which is based on the natural resources and demands for obligatory consideration while clustering.
The article shows that the creation of the territorial DHRC is dictated not only by the economic efficiency but also is supported by the synergy theory of the co evolution of the system life cycles via transferring into the super system, which is further and prospective organizational form of their development. Despite evolution character of the changes the transfer in to the super system (cluster) always gives the opportunity of choice during the period of bifurcation, which is done by means of leap and under new conditions allows the system to adapt and gradually find the development optimum. Equifinality of achieving of the development allows to make a choice of this or that approach at all the stages of the cluster forming and used methodology approaches: studying DHRC on the basis of the destinations; forming the institute of the support and cluster initiatives; DHRC projecting, modeling and planning; DHRC organizing and adapting under the conditions of competition, and also in estimating the efficiency of the DHRC and its actors.
In the article the main attention is paid to forming the institute of the support and cluster initiatives when creating the DHRC social orientation, and also to the problem of the inner cluster adaptation.

Keywords: destination health resort clusters, peculiarities of forming, development.

Bibliographic description

Vasilenko, V. & Vasilenko, A. (2016). Peculiarities of Forming and Development of the Destination Health Resort Clusters in Crimea. Service and Tourism: Current Challenges [Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma], 10 (3), 95-104. doi: 10.12737/17789. (In Russ.).

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