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UDC 338.48​(477)
DOI: 10.12737/17790

Sergey G. Nezdoyminov

Odessa ​National ​Economic ​University ​(Odessa,​ Ukraine);​
PhD​ in ​Economics, ​Associate ​Professor; ​e-mail:​ 2072945@gmail.com


The article considers the modern trends in the cruise industry in the context of globalization and integration of regional tourism market, the dynamics of the European market of sea cruises and shipbuilding. The intensity of the global cruise market, which is based on increasing passenger capacity of the new-generation ships require an effective regulatory mechanism of the sea cruise tourism in the Black Sea region of Ukraine. This conditions require system approach to considering of investment offers owners and cruise operators to expand the program of tourist services in the seaports of Ukraine, assistance in modernizing the sector the economy of the coastal regions of the state and ensure the priority development of marine economic activities. Modern development of cruise services market is a combination of it almost all forms of international tourism and merging of different types of services and leisure activities. Globalization of the cruise industry, the growth of the number of reception of cruise ships in the seaports of the state, requires activation of all forms of economic activities in the sphere of cruise services in the ports and their role in the reception and service of cruise tourists in the coastal regions of Ukraine and Russia. Evolution of market of cruise tourism contributes to investment attraction in port infrastructure and related sectors of the economy, and creates multiplying effect for regional economy. The conclusion is that the processes of integration of Ukrainian sea ports in the international cruise industry, the problems of modernization of the cruise port infrastructure will require the development of target government priorities.

Keywords: globalization, cruise industry, international integration, the European cruise market, the Black Sea cruise region.

Bibliographic description

Nezdoyminov, S. (2016). Regional Development of the Market of Cruise Services (Experience of North Black Sea Coast). Service and Tourism: Current Challenges [Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma], 10 (3), 105-110. doi: 10.12737/17790. (In Russ.).

| Tags: the Black Sea cruise region, Globalization, cruise industry, the European cruise market, international integration
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