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UDC​ 338.482
DOI: 10.12737/17791

Sergey A. Svetov 1 ,   Nikolai G. Kolesnikov 2,   Natalia V. Kolesnikova 3

1  Institute​ of​ Geology ​of ​Karelian​ Research​ Centre ​of ​Russian​ Academy ​of ​Sciences​ (Petrozavodsk, ​Republic​ of ​Karelia,​ Russia); ​PhD​ (Dr.Sc.)​ in​ Geology​ and ​Mineralogy,​ Professor;​ e-mail:​ssvetov@krc.karelia.ru;
2-3  Petrozavodsk​ State​ University ​(Petrozavodsk,​ Republic​ of​ Karelia, ​Russia);​
2  PhD ​in ​Economy, ​Associate ​Professor; ​e-mail:​ nikolaikolesnikov@yandex.ru;
3  Senior ​Researcher;​ e-mail:​ natalia.v.kolesnikova@mail.ru​


The article considers the main approaches to research in the field of geoparks and geological heritage sites in Russia. The authors emphasize the multidisciplinary nature of problems of geoparks formation and development as tourism destinations. Questions of geoparks formation are in the field of several sciences: geology (geopark is studied as complex of natural objects preserved the unique geological heritage of the region), recreational geography (geopark is studied as one of the types of tourism destinations with specific recreational potential and opportunities for different types of tourism development within the destination) and tourism economics (geopark is studied as object of management, which requires specific methods of organization of recreational activities).
Geoparks as tourism destinations are rapidly developing in European and Asian countries. In other parts of the world geoparks are poorly represented. In the article the classification of geological monuments is presented: stratigraphic, historical and geological, paleontological, mineralogical, petrographic, volcanic, hydrogeological, complex, mining and geological production. Multilevel system of factors causing tourist attraction of natural objects is studied. The authors identify five factors of first level: associated attractions, accessibility, resources, facilities, and local community. These factors are specified in the following levels. The system of criteria justifying possibility of geoparks establishing on any territory is studied. The criteria include interest level in the site, accessibility, stories, as well as the presence of a tourist destination. An additional criterion is proposed – the presence of an independent tourist destination on the territory. The article considers preconditions of establishment of geopark «Girvas» in the Republic of Karelia taking into account the above criteria.

Keywords: geological tourism, geopark, tourist destination, geoparks of Karelia, tourism in Karelia.

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Svetov, S., Kolesnikov, N. & Kolesnikova, N. (2016). Preconditions for Geoparks Establishment in the Republic of Karelia. Service and Tourism: Current Challenges [Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma], 10 (3), 111-119. doi: 10.12737/17791. (In Russ.).

| Tags: geological tourism, tourism in Karelia, Tourist Destination, geopark, geoparks of Karelia
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