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UDC​ 338.48(470.51)(045)​
DOI: 10.12737/17794

Galina V. Merzlyakova 1 ,   Larisa V. Batalova 2

Udmurt​ State​ University​ (Izhevsk,​ Udmurt​ Republic, ​Russia);
1  PhD ​(Dr.Sc.) ​in​ History,​ Professor;​ e-mail:​ galavit@uni.udm.ru;
2  PhD ​in ​History, ​Associate ​Professor;​ e-mail: ​batalova25@mail.ru


To guarantee a dynamic and sustainable growth of inbound and domestic tourism in the Udmurt Republic a cluster approach is being realized. It promotes the creation of capital investment projects in the form of state-private partnership. The tourism-recreation cluster «Kamskiy bereg» in the Udmurt Republic is a group of organizations, providing requested at value and quality complex of complementary services, aimed at different types of tourism (business tourism, recreation tourism, cultural-cognitive tourism, river cruises). This tourism-recreation cluster is at the very start of its development, when internal cluster relations and cluster management mechanisms are in the process of forming. The cluster development is encouraged by the needs of the tourism sector in the federal and regional markets. An overriding goal of this tourism-recreation cluster is to build a competitive tourism sector, establish socio-economic mechanisms to create a highly efficient tourism-recreation complex in the Udmurt Republic at the new stage of the development of tourism industry. The special attention is paid to pre-conditions for a tourism-recreation cluster development in the city of Sarapul, Udmurt Republic. Evolution of Sarapul as a tourist center is based on reconstruction and restoration of its historical heritage (cultural and historical monuments, historical buildings, traditional crafts, customs and traditions, rebirth of a distinctive character of the city) and maximum use of this heritage, in other words, the growth of economic potential through the use of specific historical and cultural resource of the city.

Keywords: tourism-recreation cluster «Kamskiy bereg», the Udmurt Republic, inbound tourism.

Bibliographic description

Merzlyakova, G. & Batalova, L. (2016). Development of the Tourism-Recreation Cluster «Kamskiy Bereg» in the Udmurt Republic. Service and Tourism: Current Challenges [Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma], 10 (3), 135-141. doi: 10.12737/17794. (In Russ.).

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