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UDC​ 911.9
DOI: 10.12737/17796

Victoria V. Anisimova 1,   Irina A. Romanova 2,   Marina L. Nekrasova 3,   Tatiana A. Rovovaya 4

Kuban State University (Krasnodar, Russia);
1  PhD in Geography, Associate Professor; e-mail: viktoriya23.84@mail.ru;
2  PhD in Geography, Associate Professor; e-mail: romanovakubgu@mail.ru;
3  PhD (Dr.Sc.) in Geography, Associate Professor; e-mail: ocean_0204@mail.ru;
4  PhD (Dr.Sc.) in Philosophy, Associate Professor; e-mail: taniaprokopenko@mail.ru​


Krasnodar region is the complex center of improvement, rest, tourism, and sport. The recreational infrastructure of the region includes all possible types of placement – from five-stars hotels to economic camping and recreation facilities. The availability assessment of recreation facilities (cheap means of placement) on the territory of Krasnodar region is given in article. Recreation facilities are collective specialized means of placement, and act as important participants in development of domestic tourism of Krasnodar region. There isn’t a lot of recreation facilities at the moment, but for their functioning in the region there are all necessary conditions. In the summer season of 2015 more than 350 thousand tourists who visited Krasnodar region preferred recreation facilities rather than comfortable accommodation. For carrying out an assessment thirty most visited recreation facilities located in different regions of Krasnodar region have been selected. They have been estimated by criteria: transport availability, financial availability (comfort), information availability, alternative availability and practical availability. Then these criteria have been reduced in a total indicator. It has allowed to determine the level of availability of each recreation facility – low, average or high. Having carried out a complex assessment of level of availability of recreation facilities as element of the industry of placement of Krasnodar region, and having studied their geography, it was revealed that such means of placement are one of important parts of the sphere of hospitality. Complex availability assessment of recreation facilities will allow making new tourist offers, with a detailed information platform and will help to reveal the existing shortcomings of functioning and an arrangement of these means of placement.

Keywords: recreation facility, Krasnodar region, resort area, complex accessibility of recreation facilities.

Bibliographic description

Anisimova, V., Romanova, I., Nekrasova M. & Rovovaya, T. (2016). Accessibility Assessment of Recreation Facilities in Krasnodar Region. Service and Tourism: Current Challenges [Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma], 10 (3), 148-155. doi: 10.12737/17796. (In Russ.).

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