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UDC 004.91:338.48
DOI: 10.12737/19503

Svetlana A. KAZAKOVA

Russian State University of Tourism and Service (Moscow, Russia);
Research Associate, e-mail: rgutiskazakova@yandex.ru


The article considers the formation of private and corporate museums database on the base of Russian State University of Tourism and Service. The three stages of database formation are considered: 1) determination of database functionality; 2) development of the database menu, with preliminary preparation of basic information; 3) collection of information and entering of data into database. These stages include development of main specified requirements to the database, detection of key information blocks with descriptive part of their components, drawing up auxiliary tables for development of the database menu, the description of its functionality (the dropping-out lists, filters, calendar, etc.) with the indication of used tools and the MS Office Excel functions, collection of information about non-government museums from tourist information centers and administrations of entities of the Russian Federation, verification of the obtained data, their updating and already directly entering into the database. The author also describes the example of selection and information obtained about number of non-government museums in entities of Central Federal District of the Russian Federation.
The article considers the concept of «museum service», describes purpose of the functions «Data validation», «Dispatcher of Names» of the MS Office Excel program, and also defines the importance of the dropping-out lists in the database. The created database of the non-government museums is unique and can be a basis for analytical studies.

Keywords: database, museum, corporate museum, private museum, MS Office Excel, data validation, dispatcher of names, museum service.


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Bibliographic description 

  • Kazakova, S. A. (2016). On the formation of the private and corporate museums database. Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma [Service and Tourism: Current Challenges], 10(2), 47-50. DOI: 10.12737/19503. (In Russ.).

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