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UDC 069+338.48
DOI: 10.12737/19509

Natalia V. POTAPOVA a
Svetlana A. SKREBETS

a “Moscow Lights” museum (Moscow, Russia); Museum Director; e-mail: moscowlights@mail.ru;
b Sports and Rehabilitation Hotel Center of the All Russia Association of the Blind (Moscow, Russia); General Director; e-mail: info@csrhotel.ru


The sector of tourist services for people with special needs (blind and visually impaired) has been growing substantially in recent years. The article represents 12 years’ experience of work of the Lights of Moscow Museum with people with visual disabilities. The museum staff developed a methodology for organizing tours for this category of visitors. Currently, together with the Sports and Rehabilitation Hotel Center of the All Russia Association of the Blind, the Museum is implementing “Inventors” program, during which tourists from other cities are able to visit Lights of Moscow Museum and also take exciting journey around the city, learning about the inventions that make city residents’ lives more comfortable. Experience of Lights of Moscow Museum demonstrates the important social function of a museum - to make life of peoples with special needs more bright and emotional, give them zest for life and open potentialities of tourism and travels.

Keywords: tourists with special visual needs, blind and visually impaired, social tourism, Lights of Moscow Museum, Sports and Rehabilitation Hotel Center of the All Russia Association of the Blind.


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Bibliographic description 

  • Potapova, N. V., & Skrebets, S. A. (2016). Bright Lights Museum – for the blind and visually impaired people. Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma [Service and Tourism: Current Challenges], 10(2), 88-95. DOI: 10.12737/19509. (In Russ.).

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