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DOI: 10.12737/19511


The Museum of Savings business history, Povolzhsky bank of the Sberbank (Samara, Russia);
Museum Director; e-mail: chechevin@gmail.com


The Museum of Savings business history of Volga (Povolzhsky) branch of Sberbank is only corporate bank museum in Middle Volga Region. The museum is situated in the historical part of Samara at the former house of merchant Arzhanov and represents collection of artifacts, documents, photo archive over the past 170 years of Savings Bank existence. History of Russia is inextricably linked with the history of the Savings Bank. Therefore, the museum concept - observing the history of developed of domestic money, savings business and the banking business as a whole in the context of our country through the prism of time. The museum invites inhabitants and city visitors to attend tours and quest tours across Samara. The article discusses the history of savings business in Volga Region, particularly the formation of the museum exposition, excursion and interactive programs of work with visitors that are designed by the museum staff.
Spring-Summer 2016 exhibition "Money box" in the offices of Sberbank will be work. It allows to know how our ancestors amassed and spent the savings. Together with Samara online edition of "Drugoy Gorod" museum runs "walks with meaning" on the streets of "Monetary Samara". The special tours on izi.TRAVEL mobile app for tourists are created. In addition to sightseeing tours and storytelling-style quizzes, the museum astonishes visitors with "Invisible Exhibition" in total darkness revealing the secrets of protective elements of Russian banknotes and foreign currency in purses of citizens.
Museum is preparing new exhibitions, particularly, the latest offers are the exhibition of rare books from the collection of the Samara Scientific Library on the history of banks, money and credit in the merchant Samara 19-20 centuries, and the currency of Independent States of the former Soviet republics (in memory of the 25th anniversary of collapse of the USSR) from a private collection. Museum of savings business history in Samara and all of its more than 2,000 items are always happy to appear in front of guests in the fascinating excursions and event activities.

Keywords: the Museum of Savings business history, Sberbank, Samara, Volga (Povolzhsky) bank, 3-D virtual tour, tourism quest-routes.


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Bibliographic description 

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