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UDC 338.48​
DOI: 10.12737/21095

Oleg E. Afanasiev

Russian​ State​ University ​of ​Tourism​ and​ Service​ (Moscow,​ Russia); ​
PhD​ (Dr.Sc.) ​in ​Geography, Professor; ​e-mail:​ editor@spst-journal.org


Currently, participation of objects of a particular country in different global rankings and in the attractions lists is a symbol of prestige and importance for state. But such lists play important role in the forming tourist flows. List of Masterpieces of the World Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage is among them. It is drawn up under the auspices of UNESCO. The Russian Federation is not a participant of the relevant protection convention of this type of heritage. That is why its representation in the List is very low and does not correspond to the role and significance of the country’s culture in the global dimension. But even only two objects from the Intangible Heritage List, which are located in Russia, have significant potential for the forming tourist flows and tourist complexes development on their basis. It is proved by the experience of the involving these objects in tourism.
The article describes three formats of transformation the intangible cultural heritage of the Russian Federation in the tour product: 1) a museum establishment; 2) a theme park; 3) the places of heritage existence in the real environment. Three forms of the intangible heritage presentation in the tourism industry are also highlighted. They suggest the possibility of visiting and acquaintance of tourists with the environment of existence, intangible heritage landscape, a certain type of culture in which it develops, and familiarity with the famous person – bearer and guardian of tradition.
The article also identifies a number of threats for these objects themselves, which may be accompanied by involving of the intangible heritage in the tourism and hospitality industry. As the conclusions, the article proposes a number of urgent measures that are important to ensure the sustainability of tourism development based on places of existence of the intangible cultural heritage in Russia.

Keywords: masterpieces of the intangible cultural heritage, role of the intangible heritage in tourism, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, place of existence of the intangible heritage objects.

Bibliographic description

Afanasiev, O. (2016). Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity: The role and function in tourism. Service and Tourism: Current Challenges [Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma], 10 (3), 7-17. doi: 10.12737/21095. (In Russ.).

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