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UDC 338.48
DOI: 10.12737/21099

Marina Y. Sheresheva

Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia);
PhD (Dr.Sc.) in Economics, Professor; e-mail: m.sheresheva@gmail.com


Differences in national cultures and unique cultural heritage are among the main drivers of international tourism development. There is faster growth and more noticeable specialization in this segment of the tourism market. In recent years, there is increased attention to the role of event tourism as an efficient way to engage elements of intangible cultural heritage to the organization of travelers’ leisure, and thus to increase tourist flows while minimizing damage to the environment and the material cultural heritage. The article presents the results of a study conducted in Vladimir region by means of expert interviews and case study. The analysis has shown that a year-round calendar of event tourism, based on attracted intangible cultural heritage, contributes to the interest of tourists for the first destination visit and helps to create a basis for increasing the repeat visits share. Moreover, it helps to solve a set of interrelated issues, including inventory and preservation of intangible cultural heritage and to balance the interests of all destination stakeholders (business actors, tourists, residents, governmental and municipal bodies). It is possible to reduce unevenness of tourist flows in time and space, and to overcome the problem of Vladimir-Suzdal Museum Reserve limiting possibilities to serve growing visitors flow without damaging the material cultural heritage included in the UNESCO list.

Keywords: intangible cultural heritage, event tourism, cultural tourism, tourist destination attractiveness, Vladimir region.

Bibliographic description

Sheresheva, M. (2016). Event tourism and intangible cultural heritage (the case of Vladimir region). Service and Tourism: Current Challenges [Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma], 10 (3), 41-49. doi: 10.12737/21099. (In Russ.).

| Tags: intangible cultural heritage, Vladimir region, event tourism, tourist destination attractiveness, cultural tourism
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