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UDC 379.85
DOI: 10.22412/1995-0411-2017-11-1-89-96

Samara State Oblast Academy (Nayanova) (Samara, Russia);
PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor; e-mail: siu@bk.ru


The article deals with the issues of organization and implementation of interregional and international tourism project "Red route" in Russia. The author identifies and presents trends of tourism development in China, which acted as the initiator of the route and its development in China and beyond. The article analyzes the marketing strategy of the project "red tourism". Regions of Russia that will realize routes of "Red tourism" are identified.
Despite careful work on strategy and expanding the participation of Russian regions in this route, it should be pointed out that this issue is at the initial stage of development of tourism projects, finding opportunities for their implementation. The article presents analysis of regional and interregional project concepts, and identifies regions-leaders: territory of Ulyanovsk, St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Perm krai. The author presents the possibility of Samara for this project. The article pointes out the difficulties in the implementation of interregional international project "Red route", lack of Chinese speaking personnel in tourism, absence of familiar environment in hotels and Chinese food, which is usual for Chinese tourists.
Despite these shortcomings, all territories involved in the project are able to overcome them. They have been developing in the course of strategic economic partnership between Russia and China.

Keywords: interregional tourism project, "Red route", "Red tourism", “red” subject in Russia.


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Bibliographic description 

  • Solomina, I. Yu. (2017). On question of the organizing and implementing the interregional international project «Red route» in Russia.  Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma [Service and Tourism: Current Challenges], 11(1), 89-96. doi: 10.22412/1995-0411-2017-11-1-89-96 (In Russ.). 

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