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UDC 379.851
DOI: 10.22412/1995-0411-2017-11-3-84-94

Aljona G. GUSEYNOVAa, Grigory A. FILIPPOVb
Yaroslavl State Teacher´s Training University named after K.D. Ushinsky (Yaroslavl, Russia): a) PhD student; Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Excursions in Yaroslavl region, Specialist; e-mail: aljonka2401@mail.ru;  b) PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor; Adviser of the rectorate on educational work and social partnership; e-mail: g.filippov@yspu.org


The article is devoted to the organization and holding tourist rallies on the territory of Yaroslavl region. At the beginning of the article, the urgency and novelty of the issue studied by the authors are indicated. Next, the pedagogical aspects of tourist rallies, the identification of their functional features are examined, and the analysis of the rallies held in the territory of Yaroslavl region is given. First, the authors interpret the concept of a tourist gathering as a pedagogical system. Secondly, the article provides aт analysis of tourist attractions in Yaroslavl region: the II All-Russia student's active and amateur tourism rally "Nights over the Volga", as well as the Regional profile non-mobile campground "The 70th tourist rally of training educational organizations of Yaroslavl region". This analysis is based on the following criteria: identification of goals in the form of a objectives tree, bringing organizational characteristics, researching the basic principles of the activities of the meeting programs, developing functional features, summarizing the results. At the same time, the article lists unique forms of conducting events, used in the programs of the rallies studied, and also characterizes the main features of the competition. The article contains photographs made following the results of the tourist rallies. Moreover, the authors are trying to determine the components of the concept of tourist attractions in Yaroslavl region. In addition to all of the above, this article provides recommendations for improving the programs of youth tourist rallies. In the conclusion of the article, tourist rallies are designated as a development driver for educational tourism in Yaroslavl region.

Keywords: tourist rally, educational organization, Yaroslavl region.


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Bibliographic description 

  • Guseynova, A. G., & Filippov, G. A. (2017). Principles of organizing and conducting tourist rallies for students in Yaroslavl region. Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma [Service and Tourism: Current Challenges], 11(3), 84-94. doi: 10.22412/1995-0411-2017-11-3-84-94 (In Russ.). 

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