Editorial Board of journal "Service and Tourism: Current Challenges" accepts for publication scientific and practical articles on topical issues in the field of service and tourism throughout the year. Manuscripts accepted for publication, cannot be previously published and not intended to other publications. All submitted to the editors manuscripts of articles are peer-reviewed and checked in the "Anti-plagiarism"

The required percentage of the originality of author's text in the submitted for publication article in the journal should not be less than 90%.

The principle of peer review, adopted in the journal "Service and Tourism: Current Challenges" – double blind peer review. The author’s anonymity allows avoiding the reviewer’s bias. Articles are considered by their content, and not by the author's reputation.

Publication provides peer review all incoming materials to the editors, corresponding to its thematics, with a view to scientific assessment. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed material and have publication related to peer-reviewed articles for the last 3 years. Reviews are stored in the publishing and editorial office for 5 years.

Any person, who is involved in the review process, should adhere to the principle of confidentiality – the received for review manuscripts should be treated as confidential documents. It is forbidden to show or discuss the manuscript with other persons, except the persons, authorized by the editors.

The reviewer cannot use unpublished materials of transmitted manuscript in own researches without the express written permission of the author. Confidential information or ideas obtained in the peer-review process should not be disclosed and used by the reviewer to own advantage.

The Editorial Board follows the principle of anonymity of peer-review and does not give information about the reviewer to the author. To protect personal data, reviewer should not disclose own identity to the author of work under peer-review; the editorial staff will send to the author of the peer-reviewed publication the review without the reviewer's data.

The Editor-in-chief takes final decision to accept or reject a particular manuscript. Before taking the final decision, Editor-in-chief analyzes all the reviews and may ask the opinion of the editorial board or a third person, and ask the author to correct and/or add to the material of the article.

Editorial Board sends to the authors of submissions copies of reviews or reasoned refusal, and also undertakes to send copies of reviews to the RF Ministry of Education and Science by the request.

Does the journal allow the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions? YES!

Will the journal allow the author(s) to retain publishing rights without restrictions? YES!

The Editorial Board does not always agree with the authors’ opinions and regulations, expressed in publications However, we afford an opportunity to discuss in the pages of the journal. Links to the articles published in journal when citing are mandatory.

 Regulations peer review the journal (Rus, pdf, 145 kb)

 Download form for review reviewer (Rus, Word, 90 kb)

 Download form for review reviewer (Rus, pdf, 266 kb)

COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers (pdf, 145 kb)