The journal "Service and Tourism: Current Challenges" is published by Scientific publisher "Russian State University of Tourism and Service". Publisher is one of the largest in Russia among publishers, specialized in the publication of scientific, educational, methodical literature on directions "Tourism" and "Service" in accordance with the requirements of the Federal state educational standards. Furthermore, RSUTS Publisher organizes the publication of proceedings of scientific and practical conferences, and also prints different kinds of printed productions: scientific, educational, reference literature, advertising production and other.

   The primary goal of publisher is ensuring of University’s publishing activity, the publication of monographs, training and educational materials in accordance with the requirements of the Federal state educational standards, and also the release of scientific, reference, advertising products and other printed materials.

     Release of scientific periodicals, founded by the University, is the publisher's RSUTS main field of concern. In addition to journal "Service & Tourism: Current Challenges", also published journals:

These publications are prepared for print by the RSUTS Editorial department of scientific publications headed by Scientific editor Irina N. Logacheva.

At the present stage RSUTS Publisher

- coordinates the creating and updating of Web sites of University’s journals;

- provides an aggressive advertising campaign in the print media, Internet resources and search engines;

- regularly monitors the readership, their interests and needs;

- participates and carries out specialized workshops, consultations of experts (members of the editorial board, authors, partners) interactively;

- establishes partnerships with organizations whose main work – tourism;

- announces the materials by postal and Internet mailing.

RSUTS Publisher for the near future primary focuses on the need to substantially increase the participation of its publications in specialized thematic exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other special events as a media partner.

According to the Publisher’s strategic program, in 2015 - 2016 years it is planned to increase the share of reviews in scientific journals, strengthening the editorial boards by identifying and attracting scholars with high citation, improving the quality of the review by the involvement acknowledged international experts.

Despite the manifestations of economic crisis, Publisher has ambitious goals and plans to increase the spread of publications, promoting them to the leaders of international information resources. Already, there are significant efforts to increase the volume of subscriptions in the Russian segment in the neighbouring countries and beyond.

Editorial Board adopted a comprehensive program to improve the printing and digital quality of publications, the development of bilingual journals’ sites, to improve their technological capabilities. Publisher works at development the electronic versions of journals, including the visualization of publications using more of media, in order to increase the index in foreign repositories and databases on platforms aggregators of electronic resources. Feedback system with the authors to analyze the degree of satisfaction with the quality journals are implemented, electronic log files with full-text access to publications are created.