The journal "Service and Tourism: Current Challenges" is the result of tireless and fruitful work of lots of people - authors, editors, proof-readers, employees of printing-office and of postal services... But the journal would not exist without a clearly well-organized and coordinated work of "main headquarters" - Editorial Board. This block presents information about all its constituents - the people, who provide the regularity and frequency of journal’s issues, develop ideas and put great effort into its increasingly wide popularization and promotion.
Throughout its existence the journal "Service and Tourism: Current Challenges" has been headed by three Editor-In-Chiefs. Due to their efforts the journal went from strength to strength. This page presents information about them.
Here is the information about the members of the Editorial Council – "brain" of our journal, which determines its concept, policies, and principles of functioning. Leading Russian and foreign scholars, acknowledged professionals in the field of tourism form a part of the Editorial Council.
Here is the information about the members of the Editorial Board – the "heart" of the journal, which sets the pace and rhythm of its development, determines character and content of each issue. The leading scholars of Russian universities and acknowledged experts in tourism form a part of the Editorial Board.
Our journal also has several journals-"brothers," which are published under the aegis of "RSUTS Editorial department of scientific publications". Read more information about the publisher and characteristics of journals, which are published by it. We invite you to publish your articles!
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