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Skansens and national artistic trades in Russian and world tourism space.
  LOCAL IN GLOBAL: FORMULA FOR TOURISM. Skansens as tourism destinations
Per Stromberg, Alexandra V. Trotsenko The concept of skansen: Origins and stages of development.
Oleg E. Afanasiev, Valeria V. Volkhina The role, significance and functions of skansen as a tourism resource of territory and representants of national traditions of nature-use.
Natalya R. Saenko Modern transformations of an idea of an open-air museum.
Lyudmila S. Petrik, Polina A. Kudryavtseva Djailoo-tourism as a way to revive the culture of the peoples of the Mari El Republic and the ability of establishing authentic Mari skansen.
Danhaa Enhtayvan, Oksana V. Evstropeva Trans-boundary tourism in Mongolia.
  REGIONAL ISSUES OF TOURISM SERVICE. National artistic trades as the brands and objects of trail tourism
Mikhail A. Sarancha, Svetlana L. Yakimova Center of national artistic trades as the basis of tourism route network in Moscow and Moscow region.
Ekaterina V. Katamashvili, Victoria V. Katamashvili «Golden ring of national artistic trades in Nizhny Novgorod» – a new image of region and driver of tourism development.
Nataliya V. Yakovenko National artistic trades as a special brand of cultural tourism in the depressive region (experience of Ivanovo region).
  NEW TOURIST CENTERS. Touristic potential of ethnic traditions
Sergey N. Golubchikov, Evgeny E. Plisetsky, Valeriya Sh. Khetagurova Prospects for the development of ethnographic tourism in the Arctic (experience of Berezovskiy district of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug).
Marina E. Komarova Ethnographic culture as a regional tourism resource (experience of Belgorod region).
Lada N. Rozanova, Natalia G. Kulyagina, Alfiya A. Mustafina The role of tourism in the development of national artistic trades in the Republic of Tatarstan.
Rafik G. Mudarisov, Anton D. Kobitev The Tatar national cuisine in Kazan: gastronomic tourism.
Viktor N. Tkachenko Some questions of regional painting of Easter eggs in Ukraine: source studies aspect.
Olga V. Zaharova Sysert porcelain factory: tradition and modernity, embodied by the Ural masters.
Nadezhda N. Menchikova On a visit to Dymkovo toys.
Anna V. Kuznetsova, Olga L. Tetenkina Dymkovo toys as an element of identity (experience of Kirov).
Elena V. Gonchar Tourist route «Katun embroidery» in the Nizhny Novgorod region.
Aleksandr S. Menovshikov Turin Souvenir from … Tobolsk land.
Viktor M. Gribkov-Maisky Souvenir production of Tver woodcarvers.
Magsum G. Gabdulkhakov «People’s House»: laboratory for revival of leisure activities in the tradition of the Vyatka region.
Elena L. Kuvshinova Traditions of art of willow weaving in Kirovo-Chepetsk.
Tourism grants, competitions, awards.
Rating of open-air modern-art museums.
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